After releasing a lot of drift related products, we thought to bring a complete drift car kit for you! Introducing our limited edition Hannya 1/10 High Performance Drift Car, featuring several design features which increases performance and also increase quality of life whilst building! Each individual car will have it's own unique number marked on the chassis. Flippable suspension mounts which allows the suspension pin to be lower than the chassis plate to further tune the roll center of the car. Multiple camberlink mounting holes on the rear hub pairs perfectly for you to fine tune how your car reacts in the corners

A look at the complete chassis, with our signature markings all over the car it will be spotted as a Onisiki product from far away.

A look at the low profile bumper with car name engraved on the bumper plate.

Comes stock with a 48p spur gear and a motor mount which you can pivot to fine tune the center of gravity.

Each chassis will be number marked showing you which of the 300 limited car kits you got.

A look at the front end, the shocks are mounted parallel to the chassis and the angle can be tuned by adding/removing shims. Curved steering rack provides smooth and precise steering.

Angled ESC mount and adjustable position after mounting your ESC through the screw holes.

A look at the slim chassis and flippable suspension mounts so you can have the lower suspension pins placed underneath the bottom line of the chassis.

The chassis flex can be adjusted through removing the aluminum plates found underneath the chassis to give more flex towards the rear.