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Model: ONI9104
Description:Neatly organize your pinions in ascending order from 16-25t 64p pinions (And corresponding sizes in other pitches), and reduce the risk of losing and/or damaging them due to transport with the inbuilt indents to let the pinions sit inside and protect the teeth...
Model: ONI9101
Description:Keep your screws and small parts neatly and organised with this three compartment Aluminum Parts Tray! Measuring in at 160mm x 98mm x 6mm, features more than enough space to store parts and screws when building a new car!..
Model: ONI9105
Description:Forgot if you charged your battery? Use this checker to find out! Also check each cell's individual cell voltage to know if any cell has gone bad beforehand! Also a programmable beeper to use as a low voltage warning if your ESC does not have a similar function!..
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